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The flagship product, INTREPID, is your one-stop shop for performing your own geophyical data processing. From the data out of the survey aircraft to the detailed map that you use for decision-making, INTREPID is with you all the way. INTREPID is the leading geophysical processing, visualisation and map composition and interpretation system.

Intrepid Data Acqusition

• Import, access and export data
• Edit, transform and manage data
• Correct Magnetic, Gravity and Radiometric data with special-purpose tools
• Grid data and manage grids
• Level data
• Filter data
• Display data and compose maps
• Interpret data

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Data Management:

To complete the data management tools Intrepid has subsection and append tools as well as copy, move and delete functions. 

The subsection tool allows point, line and image data to be clipped to polygon boundaries (ie prospect leases), to be clipped to standard map sheets, and to clip anomalies based on their centroid.
The subsection tool may also be used to select data conditionally. For example tie lines or reflights can be clipped out, or overlapping surveys separated.

The append tool can be used to join like surveys together. This enables surveys to be line levelled to each other.

Project Conversion

The Intrepid database provides extensive and flexible support for projections and datums. 

More than seven hundred predefined projections are supported and new projections and datums can easily be added. Optional false eastings, northings and scale factors are supported. Grid rotation is also supported.

Line Levelling

Intrepid data processing includes a comprehensive tie-line levelling module that incorporates seven principal levelling techniques. The module calculates intersection points between traverse and tie lines and provides methods to reduce the misclosure. 

IGRF and AGRF corrections can be applied in this tool.

All techniques can be applied to the set of crossover points individually or in combination.
Stop start (as well as batching) is supported.
Further processing can be undertaken on the set of crossover points using other Intrepid modules such as the Spreadsheet editor or Gridding tool.


These tools can be very effective tidying up data, or processing data that cannot be levelled using conventional levelling techniques.
Stripes can be removed interactively from an image using Naudy non-linear filters and Fuller convolution.
Once a satisfactory "grid of corrections" or a decorrugated image is produced, the line data may be resampled from the grids producing a corrected or microlevelled located line data set.


Intrepid includes comprehensive tools supporting a full range of map composition and hardcopy features. There are two main components, an interactive tool and a supporting hardcopy language that provides complete production quality map output.
The interactive tool allows development of hardcopy and maps. It automatically generates editable *.map files that form the basis for powerful batch and production systems.
This tool supports automatic geo-location of the wide range of map objects, as well as a comprehensive array of annotation objects.
Flexible tiling allows maps to be tiles out to a small format printers. Complete projection management and scaling is provided
Standard printers supported include Postscripts and HPGL2. The complete range of Windows NT printers is supported on that platform. 

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