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ASD Spectrometers, generally are used to measure the spectral values of different types of materials. There are many areas that these spectroscopic measurements are used.
  • Remote Sensing and Searchings: ASD FieldSpec series of spectrometers  help to collect spectras rapidly both on the field and on the laboratuvary conditions. These instruments are highly used for ground truth,calibration, radiance and irradiance measurements  in  remote sensing applications.
  • Mining: ASD Spectrometers provide accurate feedback in real-time, and are capable of measuring hundreds of samples a day at multiple points throughout the mining process. In the field or on the production line, ASD spectrometers provide rapid, accurate mineralogical analysis for optimum mine efficiency
  • Forestry products: Partnering with key industrial experts to customize our solutions to specific applications, ASD has developed the industry’s first at-line analyzer for simultaneous measurement of Kappa number and brightness of wet pulp. ASD spectrometers are also ideal for on-line and at-line collection of process data to validate products, increase energy efficiency of the mill, and to reduce raw material costs by increasing process efficiencies. From the forest to the mill automation system, ASD spectrometers achieve critical analyses to maximize your profits and improve your product quality.
  • Pharmaceutical Applicaitons: An extremely valuable technology, NIR quickly measures all relevant ingredients, including the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), binders, colorants, and excipients. The measurement process occurs rapidly, usually within a second or two, without tampering with the sample.
  • Other Application Areas: Examining of raw materials, Food, Biofuel, Biomass, plastics, cosmetic sector, analysis of explosive materails, huminity measurements,  grain and kernel analysis and analysis of chemical and petrol products.

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