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NİK ART Workshops together with fully experienced instructors offers the opportunity to improve one’s abilities for the people who want to have knowledge about art professionally and explore new horizons in art, prepare them selves for Art Academy as well as wishing to have hobbies for leisure time.

Art Workshops

NIK ART offers painting and Applied Art Courses: Pattern, Lavi, Guache, Watercolor, Pastel Color, Oil Color techniques will be presented during the courses period. Also offers art lessons for both hobby aimed and preparation for entrance exams of Universities Art department.
Applied Handicraft Studies and Seminars includes: Cloth painting, Wood Painting and Sculpturing in relief of Metals, Batik as sand as Ebru.
Seminars are arranged on the following subjects: Applied Creative Authorship, Protocol, English Practical Speaking, The Ottoman Turkish Language and Personal Development. Both aim in fluent speaking and announcer diction courses are to catch the proficiency in the section.
Latin dance courses are including Salsa, Cha Cha, Merengue, Tango and Rumba dances.

NİK ART Exhibition Hall also offers the opportunity for Artists wishing to exhibit their works.

Museum Workshop

Museum Consultancy Services for the following corporations and associations since 1990.Military Turkish General Staff, North Commander Sea Area Headquarter, National Courts, Private Museums, Museums of Ministry of Culture, Foreign Consulates, Special Provincial Directorate of Administrations, Museums of Endownments and Universities. Many museum establish projects have been prepared and designed. Also courses, seminars, conferences related with museum have been arranged. Three-dimensional shows due to the technological development of museums, archiving exhibition and presentation techniques, planning, management, restoration and renovation projects have been designed.
World History of Art Lessons: Roman, Gothic, Renaissance, Romanticism, Realism and Improvement of Modern Art are lectured through visual tools.
Workshops-Exhibitions, Cultural and Art Tours have been arranged.