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A- Airborne Hyperspectral and LIDAR Services

Hyperspectral camera producer and developer ITRES-Canada (NIK System is the distributor) can also rent their products in projects. You can find the detailed information about hyperspectral cameras in the section of Devices on our web site. Besides Airborne LIDAR Laser Scanner systems can be used and rented on projects for producing high detailed DEM datas and topographic maps. The aircraft must be supplied from domestic due to the restrictions and laws in our country. Contact us for more detailed information.

B- Spectral Measurements

Spectral measurements and analysis between the ranges of 350-2500 nm by mug light and contact probe using AgriSpec spectrometer (ASD Inc.) can be done by NIK SYSTEM. You can easily rent both the instrument and the expert on your projects. Contact us for more detailed information.