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In painting studies, following painting techniques are taught: pattern, gouache, pastel, acrilic, oil-painting
Crafts practices include, following techniques: painting of fabrics, wood and porcelain, metal relief mosaics, marbling, batik
Dance lessons concentrate on tango and latin, latin dances like salsa, cha cha, merenque and rumba are taught
Personal Development
Seminars on followin topics are offered, History of Arts, Museum Management, Arts and Criticism, Art Management, Applied Creative Writing, Painting Techniques and Material knowledge, Arts and Creativity, Announcing and Influential Speaking, Diction practices and Personal Development. Conferences include samples of World Art and lectures concentrate on Art History and Museology.
University Preperation
Basic art education topics are applied, art teories and history topics are taught teorically to prepare students for university.
For Kids
7-14 age groups are thought by professional teachers in atelier to increase their artistic development.