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• Consultancy is given to the museums within Military, Genel Kurmay Başkanlığı, Nort Navy Army, Kuzey Deniz Saha Komutanlığı, Milli Saraylar, Özel Müzeler, Kültür Bakanlığına Bağlı Müzeler, Yabancı Konsolosluklar, Kaymakamlık, Özel İdare, Belediye, Vakıflar, Genel Müdürlüğü ve Universities.
• Many founding a museum and applying projects were devised.
• The restoration projects of the museums were done.
• Courses, seminars, conferences, panels and congresses are held in the field of museology
• Together with Museum experts, staff, museum advisors, academicies and those from various occupatiens who devoted theirselves to museums and arts, we visited domestic and foreign museums, protected areas, exhibitons and followed conferances. Click here for images from our museum trips.

Our Works (1994 - 2015)

» Sustainable Musaum Projects

    • Green Museum Project

» Museum Projects

    • Occupational safety and health
    • Workplace health and safety projects
    • Müze restorasyon projeleri
    • Museum Planning and Management Projects
    • Projects for museum permanent staff and career planning
    • The Exhibiting and Presentation Projects in the museums
    • 3D Demonstration Projects for drama
    • Museum Strategic Planning projects
    • Establishing Museum projects
    • Projects for reorganization of museums
    • Establishign museum archieves projects
    • Projects for museum technological development
    • Museum Strategic planning projects
    • Museum restoration and renovation projects
    • Museum Earthquake and Risk analiysis projects
    • Museum Introduction public relations and advertising projects
    • Museum restoration and renovation works
    • Restoration works for Museum Buildings
    • Restoration works for the works in the museum