Imagery Processes

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NIK SYSTEM has been giving services not only as the vendor of the satellite imageries but also the processing of these imageries for more than 10 years of experience.

Data Format Change: As the satellite imageries are served in digital platforms, the formats you prefer for the sotware that you used can not be compatible with the data required. NIK SYSTEM can supply and give you the data in any format you prefer to use.

Rectification / Orthorectification: In order to have high geometric accuracy in satellite imageries, rectification and orthorectification processes have been done by our company dealing strictly by the scientific rules of these processes.
Stereo DEM (Digital Elevation Model) Production: Stereo DEM production from satellite imageries like Aster, Cartosat-1, WorldView-1, WorldView-2, Geoeye, Ikonos etc.
Mosaicking: Mosaicking process of orthorectified imageries by balancing histogram values (colour/contrast)

ECW / Jpeg2000 Compression: Satellite imageries especially the high resolution ones are really cover huge data sizes in digital platforms. When these imageries are mosaicked, most of the softwares can not let users do any processes like editind, digitizing on due the huge data sizes. ECW and Jpeg2000 compression can overcome this easily. Especially loosless compression ability of Jpeg2000 is a great advance for these imageries.

Supervised, ISOCLASS Unsupervised, Corine Type-1 and Type-2 classifications due to ground sampling areas given by the customers.

Geological Classification: Band ratio analysises, Log Residual and Decorellation Stretch applications or analysises that give some mineralogical specifications of the interest area of surface. These applications are giving better results on the surfaces without vegetation.

Change Detection:
Mapping of changes in areas by using imageries taken in different date times. A detailed search must be done in the archieve of the satellite imageries inorder to do the change detection process.