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Consulate Restorations Huber Palace Mosque, Church & Tomb Restorations Restoration of Hagia Sophia Alms House

Lots of descriptions have been made on Restoration since now. The most acceptable one is to repair without deleting the originality of the structure. Mr. Celal Esad Arseven defines the restoration as "repairing by art". This is important to differ the normal repairing from restoration. Restoration is to repair and correct the structures without giving any damage to its original shape and scene. Restoration needs a great specialism and information comparing to normal repairing works. Therefore any architecture can not do the restoration works. So the architecture should add personal experience and ideas to the structure that is to be restorated due to the experiences and respect to the Art.

Also, the word of ‘’restoration’’ is an expression used for a dynasty of an ended kingdom who has come to the throne again. It was used for the time period of Bourbon coming to the thrown. If we adapt this into architecture, it can evaluated as the rebirth of building. Besides restoration carry an art value. Restoration is like a potion of youth for buildings. Restoration is just a new start in life for buildings by getting out time and other effects. As the restoration stops the corruptions in a building, the time of life for a building gets longer by days.