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The constellation consists of 4 medium-size satellites, each one equipped with a microwave high-resolution synthetic aperture radar (SAR) operating in X-band, having ~600 km single side access ground area, orbiting in a sun-synchronous orbit at ~620km height over the Earth surface, with the capability to change attitude in order to acquire images at both right and left side of the satellite ground track (nominal acquisition is right looking mode). The Ground Segment is responsible for managing the constellation and granting ad-hoc services for collection, archiving and delivery of products to the users.

  • 4 satellite SAR constellation
  • Right & left looking acquisition
  • Short revisit time
  • Rapid response
  • Very high resolution - from 1 metre
  • High geo-location accuracy
  • All-weather day/night global coverage
  • High imaging capacity
  • Interferometric & polarimetric capability

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The System will deliver information based upon the following fundamental characteristics of the SAR Payload operational modes.

  Spotlight Stripmap ScanSAR
    HIMAGE Ping Pong Wide Region Huge Region
Polarization Single Single Dual Single Single
Swath width [kmxkm] 10X10 40X40 30X30 100X100 200X200
Accessible swath ~620 km
Geometric Resolution [m] 1 3 15 30 100


• Prevention and management of environmental disasters
• Control of oceans and seacoasts
• Control of agricultural and forest resources
• Control of buildings
• Cartography