Leica Chiroptera 4X Bathymetric & Topographic LiDAR

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Major productivity gain

With the 4X bathymetric product line, Leica Geosystems introduces an innovative high-resolution technology, increasing the point density by factor 4 compared to previous versions. The Leica Chiroptera 4X offers unrivalled bathymetric point density and depth penetration at the same accuracy, same turbid water performance and with increased sensitivity, offering a productivity gain of >50%.

Most capable coastal surveying system
The Leica Chiroptera 4X is a cost-effective and innovative LiDAR system that simultaneously captures 140.000 points per second in the bathymetric channel (full waveform), and up to 500.000 points per second topographic channel, making it the ultimate tool for seamless coastal and land surveying.

The system is designed to address the growing need of collecting high accuracy data for environmental monitoring and surveying of shallow water regions with survey depth down to 25 m. The shoreline is captured seamlessly and the system includes the Leica RCD30 medium format 80 megapixel camera to generate RGB point clouds.

Highly accurate results in less time

  • Seamless land to below water LiDAR coverage with full waveform capture in both channels
  • Captures data efficiently in areas slow and hazardous to map using multibeam sonar
  • Best water depth penetration among competing systems with penetration capability of K•Dmax=2.7
  • Easily characterise land and seafloor and use the data for accurate environmental monitoring
  • Save time with automatic water refraction correction
  • Effortlessly upgradable to the HawkEye 4X deep water bathymetric LiDAR system

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Nearshore charting

The Leica Chiroptera 4X enables charting according to S-44 standards, detects obstruction with oblique LiDAR and collects seamless onshore and shoreline data while offering maximum depth penetration in turbid water conditions.

Coastal monitoring

This highly efficient LiDAR system supports the monitoring of coastal processes and erosions to support geology and geomorphology and helps to classify seabed and substrate while providing reflectance and intensity data.

River surveys & inland waters

Flood mapping, modelling and prediction are important functions to protect residential areas close to inland waters. Leica Chiroptera 4X provides the data for necessary calculations and supports disaster management and mapping.

Environmental monitoring

Bathymetric survey supports environmental monitoring by mapping and classifying submerged vegetation and habitat to assess aquacultures, study marine ecology and hydrodynamics.