Mini ICU

Full Hyperspectral Control, Small Hardware Footprint

When combined with the VNIR CASI-1500 or -550 mapping sensors, the Mini-ICU addresses the need for a full-featured VNIR hyperspectral mapping system with a smaller hardware footprint. At only 10.25”Wx6”Hx15”D (26x15x38 cm), the Mini-ICU is 77% smaller in volume than its standard 19” rack mountable cousin. Its physical size makes enables its installation in smaller aircraft, including Unmanned Airborne Vehicles (UAVs).

The Mini-ICU features electronics for full mapping sensor control, power distribution, and data recording capabilities.

MuSIC System Compatibility

Works with all ITRES imaging sensors (CASI-1500/550, SASI-600, TASI-600, TABI-320)

A Few Mini-ICU Features

• Data recording to internal hard disk or to optional external IEEE1394-compatible drive
• Data copy using Ethernet or USB2.0
• Low power draw for complete system
• Incident Light Sensor (ILS) and PPS input
• Precision GPS/IMU input from Applanix POS AV & NovAtel SPAN
• Compatible with the ITRES Remote Operation RF system
• ICU stacks on top of a CASI-550 or wide array CASI-1500 sensor head, using a secure latch and direct interface connection system