Pushbroom Hyperspectral Thermal Sensor System

The TASI-600 is the only commercially available pushbroom hyperspectral thermal sensor system designed specifically for airborne use (to the best of our knowledge).

Available in either a 32 or 64 spectral channel configuration, with a spectral range of 8 to 11.5 microns, and featuring 600 spatial pixels, it is well suited to numerous critical applications including mining exploration, geophysical mapping, and landmine & ordnance detection.

The TASI-600 is distinguished from other thermal sensors in two important ways:
1. It is a "mapping sensor", so that every pixel in your thermal image is referenced with geographic coordinates and an elevation value.
2. It is "Hyperspectral". Instead of offering a single gray scale image covering the entire thermal spectrum, the TASI provides 32 spectral bands so that you’ll be able to view your thermal image in "Hyper-Colour".

With the TASI, instead of receiving only a relative measure of temperatures, you can determine emmisivity values and absolute temperatures. You can also identify materials, such as rock types, soil classes, metals, plastics and other man-made materials. Also, thermal radiation will be visible through low density materials, so that the TASI allows you to "see through" vegetation and thin ground coverings.

We are currently developing an application to detect and identify buried landmines under various conditions. Please feel free to ask for more information.

Our TASI sensor benefits from the same superior optical design technology as our SASI-600 and CASI-1500. It provides excellent focus and an optical spot size smaller than 1 pixel at 90% photon energy for all spectral channels. The same design technology also ensures low distortion - better than 0.5 pixels for both spectral smile and keystone.