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CARTOSAT- 3 is the 3rd generation sharply advanced satellite which has a super-resolution image capability; built and developed by ISRO, India. It is designed as a follow-on to the Cartosat 2 series.  

The satellite has an imaging payload with a ground resolution of 0.25 m with 16 km swath in panchromatic mode, a resolution of 1.13 m with 16 km swath in 4 band multispectral mode and a resolution of 12 m with 5 km in hyperspectral mode. It also feaures a MWIR Camera with 5.7 m resolution.

Many new technologies/elements have been developed like highly agile structural platform, payload platform, higher rate data handling and transmission systems, advanced onboard computer and new power electronics, dual gimbal antenna, etc.

Cartosat-3 will address the increased user’s demands for large scale urban planning, rural resource and infrastructure development, coastal land use and land cover etc

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Spatial Resolution

 Pancromatic 0.25m,

 Multispectral 1.13m,

 MWIR 5.7m

 Hyperspectral 12m


5 years


1625 kg


505km, SSO