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OrbView-3 has been launched from Vandenberg Air Base, California on the 26th of July,2003. The owner of the satellite was OrbImage till 2006 then the name of the satellite was changed to GeoEye due to the coalition with Space Imaging in 2006. The Orbview-3 has the altitude of 470km. on sun syncronous orbit. The satellite has the imaging ability of same location between 1-5 days due to the inclination angle. OrbView-3 has the spatial resolution of 1m. for pancromatic and 4m. for multispectral imagery. 

Due to an error in electronic system of the camera on-board, OrbView-3 can not supply imageries as from 4th of March,2007, there are only archieve imageries before 7th of March,2007 available. Geoeye company has annouced on the report called as  Form 8-K that the satellite is not active formally.

For more information: https://lta.cr.usgs.gov/satellite_orbview3

Starting and Ending Dates 2003-2007
Spatial Resolution (m) 1m Pan, 4m MS
Radimetric Resolution (bit) 11
Swath Width (km) 8
Bands (µm) PAN 0.45-0.90
MS VNIR:0.45-0.52,0.52-0.60,0.62-0.695,0.76-0.9
Revisit Time (day) <3
PAN= black-white, MS= colour, µm= micron

Orbview 3 Ürünleri

Ürün Tipi Açıklama
Basit-Hızlı Mono yada Stereo Telemetri verisiyle radyometrik düzeltme . Pan yada MSI
Basit-Geliştirilmiş Mono yada Stereo Daha kesin doğruluklu .
Basit-1:50 K ve 1:24K, Mono yada Stereo 1:50.000 ve 1:25.000 ölçekli haritalara eşdeğer doğruluklu
Ortho Ortorektifiye edilmiş görüntü