ZY-1 02D is a Chinese Earth observation satellite similar to the Chinese-Brazilian CBERS 2B / ZY-1 02B, but features only Chinese instruments. It is the follow-on version to the ZY-1 02C satellite. The primary objective is to acquire high-resolution panchromatic and multispectral imagery for land resource surveys, disaster monitoring, forestry and ecological monitoring. 

The ZY-1 02D satellite features improved imagers compared to its predecessor. 

It is equipped with a 9-band visible near-infrared camera and a 166-band hyperspectral camera. 

The visible NIR camera has a ground resolution of 5m and a swath width of 115 km. The satellite will orbit in a sun-synchronous orbit of 778 km, and the revisiting cycle can be as short as three days,. The camera image has the geometric precision and the image positioning accuracy is better than 50 meters; the camera image has high spectral resolution and rich image information.

The 166-band hyperspectral camera can acquire images with 166 bands carrying different spectral information at one time, accurately capture the light information reflected by various minerals, and through inversion calculation, can calculate the mineral content of the observed area and coverage.

The ability of "continuous shooting" has also promoted the further improvement of data storage and transmission capabilities. The satellite provides 900 megabits per second of data transmission and 2T bits of data storage capacity. High-speed data transmission products and dual-spot beam antennas enhance data downlink capability and help satellites operate efficiently and stably in orbit.